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Platanenallee 11
14050 Berlin, Deutschland


Tel: +49 (0)30 2359367-0

The clinic for psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy in the middle of the villa district of Berlin-Westend.

MHI Berlin GmbH was founded in the summer of 2020 by three shareholders with the aim of offering mentally ill people in Berlin modern treatment that includes various forms of psychiatric treatment and diagnostic options (day clinic, outpatient clinic, expert opinion institute). The multi-professional team consists of physicians, psychologists, nurses and other specialized therapists who are excellently coordinated with each other and have jointly learned the subject of psychiatry academically. This guarantees up to date treatment with the application of serious pharmacological, psychotherapeutic and other forms of therapy that are scientifically based and a high level of expertise in the application of the various therapies. The MHI is completely privately financed, and there are no hospital associations or sponsors in the background that overemphasize economic considerations in the treatment of the mentally ill. Neither the choice of therapies, nor the duration of treatment, nor the size and composition of the therapeutic team are subject to externally imposed criteria, but are intended to serve the best possible, individualized diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Mental Health Institute

The Mental Health Institute (MHI) Berlin is a private clinic that offers modern and scientifically serious day-clinical and outpatient treatment to people with mental problems and suffering. A highly experienced team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and therapists have made it their goal to help patients overcome mental crises in a pleasant, stylish and healing atmosphere.

In addition, an affiliated appraisal institute also provides specialist psychiatric appraisals, including neuropsychological testing for insurance companies and expert opinions requested by the courts. MHI Berlin is located in a spacious villa with a park-like garden in Berlin-Westend.

Day Clinic

The MHI Berlin offers day-clinical treatment at the highest clinical and scientific level for up to 24 patients.

The treatment team has extensive and long-standing experience in the treatment of all mental illnesses. The treatment focuses on psychotherapeutic procedures, psychopharmacological therapies and adjuvant forms of treatment such as sports therapy, music therapy, art therapy and others.
The offer is aimed at self-paying patients, patients with private insurance and patients eligible for subsidies.

There is also the possibility of follow-up therapy with both chief physicians after completion of the day-clinic treatment. Further diagnostic and differential diagnostic clarifications, drug treatments and psychotherapy can take place during these appointments.


The MHI Berlin prepares expert psychiatric reports and/or expert opinions including neuropsychological testing on request for both insurance companies and courts. Clients can expect processing and completion of expert opinion requests within three months.


It is increasingly common in all diversifications of modern medicine to obtain a second expert opinion when a diagnosis is made. In psychiatric contexts in particular, this is urgently recommended, since the consequences of some psychiatric diagnoses for the life planning and quality of life of those affected are of overriding importance. The same applies to cases in which, in addition to a psychiatric diagnosis, illnesses from other specialties (e.g. internal medicine, gynecology, etc.) are present, since in these cases a precisely coordinated treatment that is complex in terms of effects and side effects is often necessary. You will also find the necessary expertise for this at the MHI Berlin.

Information about patient admission at MHI Berlin

The MHI Berlin offers its services to patients of all private health insurances, as well as to those paying for their own treatment. Immediate admission to the day clinic is usually possible.

The beginning of our common path


For the fastest possible initial contact, please contact us by phone or use our contact form.

Initial interview

After you have contacted us, the MHI Berlin team will contact you to arrange an appointment for an initial interview as soon as possible. The initial interview forms the basis of the admission.

Cost absorption

If no acute admission is required, MHI Berlin submits the application for cost coverage to the cost units in advance.

In acute cases, the MHI Berlin contacts the cost bearers directly after admission regarding the cost clarification.

In any case, the clinic assists you in all bureaucratic processes and thus simplifies and accelerates your admission to the clinic.