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Platanenallee 11
14050 Berlin, Deutschland


Tel: +49 (0)30 2359367-0

A sophisticated ambience…

The saloon

combined with attention to detail.

The reception

Designed openly.

The dining room

Familiar and protected.

Treatment room

Our villa

Our clinic reflects the common demand for modern, professional and individual treatment of mental illness.

Our staff and patients spend their time together in a calm and homely ambience, which stands out from other clinics not only because of its architecture.

One of the characteristics of the MHI is our attention to detail, which is responsible for the atmosphere in this special place.

The MHI Berlin is a place of recovery and self-development. This villa creates the elementary space for us to provide sustainable and effective treatment and support for our patients.

Key data

  • Built at the beginning of the 20th century

  • Stylish and inviting interior

  • More than 500 m² premises

  • More than 2000 m² garden area

  • Quietly located in the villa district of Westend

A place of community

A place for development

The Studio.

A place of balance

The diversity of the premises

The reception

Our reception serves as a waiting room and offers our patients additional seating for breaks between therapy sessions.

The saloon

Our salon is a lounge for our patients, which allows them to relax together, but also alone in peace. It offers the necessary space for private moments. Moreover, our library allows our patients to promote themselves interlectually.

The tea room

Between the dining room and the salon is the tea room. A room for communication and exchange. This is another place for our patients to get to know each other and prepare for upcoming therapy sessions.

The dining room

Our dining room is spacious and offers patients the opportunity to eat together and exchange ideas. It is also used for presentations.

The Studio

The Art Studio is a space for creativity. Art projects as well as group therapies are offered here. The studio contributes to the self-development of our patients and enables them to express their situation, their feelings as well as experiences non verbally.

The gym

The MHI has a fully equipped fitness and sports room. This is used for our sports and physiotherapies and allows our patients to stay or get moving.

The art as an accompanying feature

The artist Eva Räder

We thank Mrs. Eva Räder for the cooperation.

Since then, our villa has been additionally characterized by the artworks of this artist. The atmosphere of our premises, enriched by her paintings, creates the space for our holistic and interdisciplinary treatment concept.

Visit her website and let yourself be inspired:


Unser Empfang dient als Warteraum und bietet unseren Patienten zusätzliche Sitzmöglichkeiten für die Pausen zwischen den Therapieeinheiten.


Unser Salon ist ein Aufenthaltsraum für unsere Patienten, welcher es ihnen ermöglicht gemeinsam, aber auch alleine sich in Ruhe zu entspannen. Er bietet den notwendigen Raum für private Momente. Außerdem ermöglicht unsere Bibliothek unseren Patienten sich interlektuell zu fördern.


Zwischen Speisesaal und Salon befindet sich das Teezimmer. Ein Raum der Kommunikation und des Austausches. Für unsere Patienten wurde hiermit ein weiterer Ort geschaffen, um sich näher kennenzulernen und auf kommende Therapieeinheiten vorzubereiten.


Unser Speisesaal ist großzügig gestaltet und bietet den Patientenn die Möglichkeit gemeinsam zu essen und sich auszutauschen. Außerdem wird er für Präsentationen genutzt.


Das Kunst Atelier ist ein Raum der Kreativität. Kunstprojekte sowie Gruppentherapien werden hier angeboten. Das Atelier trägt zur Selbstentfaltung unserer Patienten bei und ermöglicht ihnen ihre Situation, ihre Gefühle sowie Erfahrungen non verbal auszudrücken


Das MHI verfügt über einen komplett ausgestatteten Fitness,- und Sportraum. Dieser wird für unsere Sport und,- Physiotherapien genutzt und ermöglicht unseren Patienten in Bewegung zu bleiben oder zu kommen.

    The MHI Villa

    The details make the difference. Our patients find themselves here in a safe and trusting environment and benefit from a high-level atmosphere during their stay.

    The surroundings

    The Westend and its special features

    Our clinic is located in the Platanenallee in Berlin Westend. A quiet and green neighborhood.

    Our patients also benefit from our location, as the Grunewald and Teufelsberg are in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, the clinic is located not far from the western center of the city. The Kurfürstendamm as well as the Lietzensee can be reached quickly.

    In addition, the Olympic Stadium with all its green spaces is nearby and offers further opportunities for physical activity.